Stencil Sealer (Satin Clear Coat) by Dixie Belle Paint Co.

Stencil Sealer (Satin Clear Coat) by Dixie Belle Paint Co.

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This product is a Satin Clear Coat, which protects your project from moisture.  However, here at, we use this product as stencil sealer, which seals wood imperfections and significantly lessens paint bleeding under the stencils.

Dixie Belle Paint is a chalk mineral paint which has superb adhesive qualities allowing you to paint over practically anything without any sanding, priming or prep work, and it will stay put!  Simply clean and paint! Dixie Belle Paint enjoys a gorgeous matte finish and distresses beautifully.

Dixie Belle Paint is available in 55 stunning colors from neutral whites and grays to saturated blues and purples. We also offer a full line of glazes, waxes, stains and metallic paint.

 Dixie Belle Paints believes in providing high quality products at affordable pricing so everyone can create the sign of their dreams.