Moroccan Style  Adhesive Vinyl Furniture Stencil

Moroccan Style Adhesive Vinyl Furniture Stencil

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Are you looking to make your next DIY project, that amazing, eye-catching piece of art.  Well, this moroccan style stencil will work to achieve your goal.  Compliment this stencil with a huge variety of our Dixie Belle Paint colors for a pattern creation of maybe even just every color for a dispaly of beauty.  

Our furniture/background stencils come in 12x12 sheets.  That means you can overlap them to cover any size area needed.  Just be sure to order enough sheets to cover your project.  These stencils will go edge to edge of your vinyl sheet.  

*Actual stencil may have less/more rows of design to acheive porportionate image for our 12x12 sheet.