How To Make Wooden Pallet Signs

Surprisingly Simple, Amazingly Fun

At Pallet Party, we proudly offer everything you need to create a gorgeous and timeless piece of wooden pallet art quickly, while having fun. We know you’re busy, and that’s why we’ve made the process as simple as possible. Get your friends and family together for a pallet party, or do it yourself and enjoy some relaxing alone time. Either way, you are sure to have a great time and produce something to be proud of by the end of your project. 

Whether you're a seasoned do-it-yourself expert or you're lacking in art experience, you will be able to easily use our products to make a beautiful wooden pallet painting by following the instructions provided below.  


Browse our online selection today to get inspired for your next project and stock up on all of the essentials. Once you have created your masterpiece, share it with us via social media. We can’t wait to see it!