Pallet Painting: Why DIY Projects Are The Best –

Pallet Painting: Why DIY Projects Are The Best

There are so many things that we could list off about why DIYing a project is better than buying store-bought, but you’re essentially going to have to find out about the natural perks yourself. There’s something truly remarkable about the feeling of creation and how naturally therapeutic it is. In fact, it’s such a phenomenon that the educated minds at Psychology Today wrote an article that highlights exactly how rewarding a DIY project rather than getting instant gratification is.

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The Psychology Today article that we found about the idea of DIYing and creating so succinctly states: “The act of building something, putting your own blood and sweat… into a physical object, seems to imbue it with additional value above and beyond its inherent quality.” They proceed to explain that psychologists have labeled the feeling as the “IKEA effect.” They attempted to test the idea that creating something makes it feel more worthwhile with something from IKEA. They offered two groups of people an IKEA bookshelf, gave one group the opportunity to build it, and the other just the chance to purchase it. When asked how much they felt the bookshelf was worth, the group that built it expressed that the bookshelf was nearly worth 5 times more than the folks rated it who found it whole and already built.  Thus, that feeling of creation makes something seem more worthwhile to you. This extends past practical items like bookshelves and other IKEA furniture, it goes toward art. Remember that rainstick you made in kindergarten and how much it meant to you? Think along those lines: it’s important to you because you spent time on it, which is one of our most valuable resources.

The Joy of Creation

There’s a reason artists and writers alike speak of the joy of creation on a regular basis. Not only is there a reward of holding something palpable that you created and that you can use, it’s not even always the sense of completion that renders it a rewarding experience Often times, it’s a meditative and therapeutic experience to be able to find release in the creation of something else. There’s a reason methodically rubbing a brush over paper is nice, why drawing a neat little sketch is fun, it’s because you’re releasing some of that pent-up creative energy. In fact, we’d even go so far as to recommend it to folks who are feeling antsy and a bit irritable, as it often is a great release for those feelings.

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