Pallet Painting: Adhesive Vinyl Stencils vs. Reusable Stencils –

Adhesive Vinyl Stencils vs. Reusable Stencils


Pinterest is certainly full of fun but at times the users are more likely to inspire you than to teach you how to properly do something. As with any craft, once you’ve got it down pat, it’s fun to experiment with more difficult ways to do one thing, but before you become a pro, you’ll need to know how to do something in the most efficient way possible. The real difference between adhesive vinyl stencils and reusable stencils is that one is capable of making your project much easier, and one is capable of making it more difficult. Let’s explore these options, shall we?

The Journey

It all began with a Pinterest or Facebook post. Objects of envy often originate on social media nowadays and this is where you found pallet signs. You saw a picture of an adorable pallet, with creamy, wood colored slats and a cute little witch etched onto its features in your friend’s hallway when she posed for her Halloween pictures. Maybe you glimpsed it within your neighbor's dining room when you went to drop that gift basket at her house. Wherever it was you got the pallet bug and now, you’re searching out how you can do it yourself. If you’ve done a fair amount of research you’ve certainly found that there are a variety of ways of executing your vision and one of the main questions you’ve probably settled on it “Adhesive vinyl stencils or reusable stencils.” We’d recommend adhesive vinyl stencils.

Why Use Adhesive Vinyl Stencils for Pallet Art?

It’s precise. Pallet Party’s adhesive vinyl stencils are laser-cut. They’re as precise as you’ll find a stencil. You won’t have to worry about employing blue scotch tape to settle a thick plastic stencil, onto your wood — a means that could  prove particularly difficult to get the stencil straight. The adhesive sticks easily to any surface, so if you’re more interested in using a patterned stencil to decorate the ceiling of your daughter’s room, you won’t have to worry about trying to be Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel, you'll merely need to stick adhesive to the surface and start painting.

This puts more emphasis on the creative process of crafting the newly painted pallet or other article, rather than the frustration of trying to get something totally perfect. This allows you to truly enjoy the experience of creating or crafting. You didn’t think this would be fun because you had the hassle of dealing with a thick, plastic reusable stencil that was cumbersome and difficult to deal with. You pictured a connection with your pallet, with the paint and with the brush. You imagined creating something you could be truly proud of. Don’t fuss with a reusable stencil when the answer to creating your pallet art could be much simpler, try a vinyl adhesive. It’ll guide your brush and creative efforts until you’re finished and then you’ll simply have to pull it off of your freshly made, mistake-free pallet art.

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